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Email Contact:- bookings@westgrimsteadvillagehall.co.uk

Booking Forms

Please download our Complete Booking Form pdf which includes terms and fire regulations, print out,  fill in and sign, (scan) and return to the Booking Secretary.

Make sure you have read and understand the Fire Risk Assessment at the end of this page, you could be liable for fines or legal action if these rules are broken. 

*Please return Application of Hire and Fire form to the Booking Secretary… to secure your booking.

Booking Secretary: Telephone: 01722 711436 for Postal address, or email bookings@westgrimsteadvillagehall.co.uk.


Click on the link below to download and print the Complete Booking Forms from a pdf file.




email bookings@westgrimsteadvillagehall.co.uk.











Sources of ignition, fuel & oxygen

Fire fighting and precautionary equipment

Escape routes

Emergency lighting , signs & notices

Main Entrance & foyer

Lighting and cupboard storing alcohol.


Via main door


Main hall

Electric sockets and lighting; sound system and radio cassette player; curtains; 2 notice boards.

2 fire extinguishers, 1 is powder, the other water;

Via main door, via Fire Exit direct to outside and via Fire Exit in cloakroom to outside

Emergency lighting above all 3 exits. Signs above all 3 exits and signs above both fire extinguishers which indicate their usage and how to deploy them.

Hall store cupboard

Upholstered seats and tables; Christmas decorations; electric light & switch

Water extinguisher located just outside the cupboard door in the hall.

Via any of the 3 Fire Exits

As above


2 hand driers, main circuit board, disabled alarm system, lighting and water heater. Stored items eg toilet rolls, paper towels, books, alcohol and cleaning products.

1 powder fire extinguisher and a fire door to main hall.

Via Fire Exit to outside

Emergency lighting and sign above fire exit. Sign above fire extinguisher showing usage and deployment.


Electric cooker, dishwasher, microwave, fridge freezer, 2 kettles, an overhead heater and a water heater. Stored items e.g. cleaning fluids, towels and paper tablecloths. Vent-Axia in kitchen window.

1 powder fire extinguisher and 1 fire blanket. Fire door to foyer.

Via main entrance to outside

Fire exit sign above the kitchen door and signs for extinguisher and blanket deployment. Hirers are requested to ‘Turn off’ cooker and water heater at the mains switch before leaving the hall.


Gas boiler and oil storage tank.

Powder extinguisher located just inside the fire exit nearest to these items.

Down path towards the road.

Motion activated lighting above the nearest fire exit.

click on the link below to download and print the Complete Booking Forms from a pdf file.