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Parish Council Minutes 13/05/2013



Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held: Monday on 13th May 2013 at West Grimstead village hall.


Present Mr G. Bayford, retiring chairman presiding, Mr C. Wilkinson, Mrs R. Clark, Mr R. Amor, Mrs L. Paramour, together with four parishioners.

 Elect Chairman. It was proposed by Mr B. Amor and seconded by Mrs Clark that Mr C. Wilkinson be elected as Chair. All in favour. Mr C. Wilkinson took Chair.

 It was proposed by Mrs L. Paramor and Mrs R. Clark that Mr B. Amour be elected Vice Chairman. Accepted.

 Apologies were received from Councillor R. Britton and Mr N. Pope.


Declarations of Acceptance of Office These were signed by the four remaining councillors, Mr C Wilkinson, Mr B Amor, Mrs R Clark and Mrs L Paramor, before the Proper Officer of the Council, Mrs M Wingfield.

Declarations of interest. None declared.


Public speaking time It was highlighted that although work on the highways in West Grimstead was finally due to start on the 13th May 2013, work had not yet commenced.

 Minutes of the the Parish Council Meeting 16th April 2013 having been circulated were taken as read, and signed.




23.13 41.13. Footpath Whaddon to West Grimstead. George Bayford agreed to work on this until completion completion, hopefully by the end of the year. The various grant forms have been submitted but we still have to contact Esso with regard to crossing their pipe line.

 23.14 42.13 Appointment of Clerk. With the appointment of a new parish clerk, it was decided that any Payments to the Clerk are to be made every six weeks to coincide with Parish meetings.

 30.13 43.13 Telephone Box West Grimstead. As a result of the details received about the cost of a defibrillator, estimated in the region of £1600, it was decided that this item is to be held in abeyance.

Books in the telephone box to be organised by Mrs Gwyn Doran.

 33.13      44.12  Audit  The Annual Governance Statement was discussed. All in agreement.  This will now go twill now go the Auditor, Allan Castle, for approval

 38.13            45.12 Accounts The following accounts were passed for payment.

                Mrs E Bayford (Clerk’s salary and expenses) £137.60

Membership to the ‘Campaign to Protect Rural England’ £30.00

39.13 46.12 CorrespondencePlanning application received for the erection of a Mobile home at Dillon’s Farm, Dean Road, East Grimstead. Item to be discussed at a special meeting to be held on the 28th May at East Grimstead Reading Room at 7.30pm. Site visit to be arranged, Charles to specify date.

40.13 47.12 Planning. Application received for erection of mobile home (covered in ‘Correspondence’) Special meeting to be set up.

48.12 Any Other Business

 Mr Bob Amor pointed out that the bench on East Grimstead Green was in a filthy state and needed cleaning. Mr Amor to arrange for someone to clean it.

 Co-option of other members to  the CouncilIt was decided this item to be put on the agenda at the next  Meeting. At the moment there are three vacancies for members.

 Playing Field Gates: Mr George Bayford to organise repairs

 Pond: at East Grimstead Mr Bob Amor queried what was happening with regard to the problem of algae.  Liz to contact firm regarding the chemical

 Public Speaking: Mr Charles Wilkinson suggested allowing the parishioners a second opportunity to speak or  ask questions half way through future meetings.

   49.12 Next Meeting 25th June 2013 East Grimstead Reading Room 7.30pm.


Parish Council Minutes, 16/04/2013


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday, 16th April 2013 at East Grimstead Reading Room.

Present: Mr G Bayford, Chairman, presiding, Mrs R Clark, Mr R Amor, Mrs L Paramor, Mr C Wilkinson, Wiltshire Councillor R Britton plus Jon Reynolds of British Telecom and Ian Baker of Wiltshire Council together with ten parishioners.

The chairman opened the meeting and introduced Jon Reynolds and Ian Baker. Ian Baker then spoke about the contract Wiltshire Council had signed with British Telecom concerning faster broadband speeds to outlying villages in Wiltshire. Jon Reynolds then spoke about the programme for installing faster broadband throughout the area.

 Apologies were received from Mrs M Sheppard.

Declarations of Interest- The chairman declared his interest in the accounts.

Public Speaking Time-  Parishioners were pleased to hear that at last Butterfurlong/East Grimstead Road and Green Drove are to be resurfaced in May. Public notices have been erected.The Minutes of the meeting held on the 25th February 2013 having been circulated, were taken as read and signed.


22.13 Fly tipping Wiltshire Council has been informed of yet more fly-tipping in Windwhistle Lane but evidence of an address has been found in one of the sacks. This is being pursued and hopefully the offender will be caught.

23.13 Footpath to Whaddon Three quotes have been received: AG Plant Hire £11650 plus VAT,  J Bundy £18115 plus VAT , M Light £16400 plus VAT.

These will now be sent to the Area Board for consideration for a Path Improvement Grant and also a CAT grant. The VAT will be refunded from HMRC. The clerk to enquire whether R2 money can be used. Alderbury Parish Council received R2 funding for their section of the path. Apparently when the path is constructed, a person from ESSO has to be present to ensure that the path crosses their pipeline correctly.

24.13 Windwhistle Lane Letter received from the Asset Manager of Highways Agency stating that the Agency would only consider a right turn ban from the A36 on safety grounds. There has been no accident date for the last five years and records show of two slight personal injury collisions for this period which would not justify a right turn ban.

25.13 Footpath kissing gates Three gates had recently been erected in East Grimstead. Thanks were expressed to Tony Futcher and Bob Coates of West Grimstead who helped on the day. No date has been fixed for the renewal of the other proposed sites.

26.13 Gays Drove Letter from the footpath warden stating that no material is available for use but he will keep the site in mind. He will have another look at it to see what can be done in the short term.

27.13 Appointment of New Clerk Marissa Conway has applied for the post and it was agreed she would attend the next meeting. Liz agreed to assist her in settling in.

28.13 Planning Drove Farm Cottages – Letter received from the Enforcement Officer stating that a new application was submitted and approved so the demolition requirement is no longer in force. Councillors were very concerned about the very dangerous access which is new and should be closed. No permission was granted for this. The clerk to write to the Enforcement Officer again. R2 should be available on the new additional dwelling. The clerk to check.

The Old Coach House, East Grimstead will be discussed at the Southern Area Planning Meeting on the 18th May but the public will not be allowed to attend.

29.13 Brook-Evelyn-Thistlethwaite Charity. The Council had been informed that Mr G Dence has been re-elected to serve again on this Charity Board.

30.13 Telephone Box, West Grimstead It was suggested a defibulator be put in the kiosk. Apparently they are easy to operate and anyone can do it. They have been used successfully at Whiteparish and Landford. The clerk to contact the Area Board for help. The Parish Council had also received a request for the kiosk to be used for a book exchange. Someone had offered to put up the shelves and check the books at regular intervals to ensure it was kept tidy. There were no objections. The clerk to write to those who requested the books.

31.13 Playing Field The gateway is need of urgent repairs. The chairman to look into this. The seat by the toddler’s swing has been repaired. The picnic bench also needs attention.

32.13 Village Seat – Bugmore Green Following the Reading Room Committee Meeting, it was decided to leave both seats outside the Reading Room and purchase a new one for Bugmore Green. The anticipated location would be at the back of the green. There were no objections but the question of insurance was raised if a child was hurt when falling from the seat. The clerk to check the public liability insurance.

33.13 Audit The paperwork has come through for the audit. A new internal auditor has to be found. The treasurer to West Grimstead Church, Allan Castle has agreed to do it. All in agreement.

34.13 Accounts The following accounts were passed for payment:

Mrs E Bayford (clerk’s salary & expenses) £486.80, WALC Subscriptions £188.20,  Community First £373.36.

35.13 Correspondence.

West Grimstead Village Hall. Before being awarded grants, the Village Hall Committee has to provide a sign showing the way to the village hall. Permission was given by the owner of Spring Cottage to have the sign erected on his land opposite Church Street. 

Moles Letter received from a resident in East Grimstead asking if the Parish Council could help in the removal of the mole hills on Bugmore Green. It was felt there was nothing that could be done.

36.13 Any Other Business:  Grass cutting Concern was shown over the early cutting of Crockford Green. This is the responsibility of Wiltshire Council.

37.13 Next Meeting – 13th May 2013 at West Grimstead Village Hall This is the Annual Parish Meeting and also the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.

Parish Council minutes, 4/12/2012



Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday, 4th December 2012 at West Grimstead Village Hall.

Present: Mr G Bayford, Chairman, presiding, Mrs R Clark, Mr R Amor, Mrs L Paramor and Mr C Wilkinson. There were no members of the public. Apologies were received from Mrs M Sheppard, Mrs S White and Wiltshire Councillor R Britton.


 Declaration of Interest- There were none.

 Public Speaking Time Not applicable

 The Minutes of the meetings held on the 16th October, 29th October and 12th November, having been circulated, were taken as read and signed.



100.12 Water Leaks – Dean Road All leaks have now been repaired.

101.12 Parish Steward The ditch at the bottom of Macs Lane has not been cleared. A JCB has been requested to dig out various other ditches. It was agreed to inspect these from time to time.

 102.12 Footpath to Whaddon This will be put on the CAT Grant List for next year

 103.12 East Grimstead pond Some of the algae has cleared and it is hoped to do more work during the Christmas period.

104.12 Ragwort An email had been received from Adrian Hampton of Wiltshire Council. It stated that Wiltshire Council is continuing to work hard to manage invasive species growing on highway land. The policy of ragwort removal has been successful in many locations and techniques have improved. The maintenance team regard the removal of such plants as an integral part of managing the large rural network. However if was noted that the highway Agency are responsible for many areas in the south of the country, regrettably these roads to not come under Mr Hampton’s control!!

 105.12 Bus Shelters Tom Bray of the Area Board has spoken to the chairman and this item will also be on the CAT Grant list for next year. In the first instance, we need to know whether in fact a shelter can be erected as there is little point in getting quotations if such a shelter is not feasible. The clerk to write to Tom Bray regarding this.

 106.12 Dog Fouling Notices have been put up by Tinkers Rest in West Grimstead and Gays Drove in East Grimstead but it was reported that dogs are still fouling the pavements.

 107.12 Dead Branches Longford Estate has been contacted and a visiting forester will have a look at the trees and advise us again.

 108.12 Planning The following application was before the Council.

 S/2012/1580 –Demolition of existing garage and erect new double garage and studio over – Yew Tree Cottage, West Grimstead Although the Parish Council had no objections to this application, concern was shown over the parking of the cars, one of which is often parked on the green opposite. The clerk to mention this when writing to the Planning Authority.

The Old Chapel – Councillors expressed concern that the drain has not been built at the front of the car parking space. The clerk to check with the Enforcement Officer.

 Brookmead Although new plans have been produced, councillors were still not happy and would like this to go before the Committee. The clerk to write to Councillor Britton.

 109.12 Correspondence.

RoSPA Report This has been received and there are no major items which require attention. The clerk to speak to the clerk of Pitton/Farley parish Council in respect of the surfacing at Farley Playing Area.


Broadband Speeds Letter received from a resident in West Tytherley asking if people in our parishes would be prepared to pay into a scheme whereby much faster broadband speeds would be available. However the cost would be £100 for a connection fee and £37 per month thereafter. Councillors felt this was rather high.

 110.12 Accounts The following account were passed for payment

 Rospa Inspection Fee £93.60

West Grimstead Village Hall (hire) £30.75


Budget This to be put on the Agenda for the next meeting when the precept will be discussed.

 111.12 Any Other Business

 Drain The drain near the gateway to the field by horsepond is blocked.

 Windwhistle Junction The clerk to write for an update as we have not hear anything for a long time

 Speed Check – Crockford Road The clerk to write and request that this be carried out

 Fly-tipping There is now rubbish dumped by the entrance to the old chalk pit and also two loads of hedge trimmings have been dumped in Windwhistle Lane. Wiltshire Council to be informed


Grasscutting The clerk to write to English Landscapes enquiring why the greens have suddenly been cut. The contract should have finished in September


 112.12 Next Meeting – 15th January 2013 at East Grimstead Village Hall



Parish Council minutes, 16/10/2012



Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday, 16th October, 2012 at East Grimstead Reading Room at 7.30 pm.

Present: Mr G Bayford, Chairman, presiding, Mrs R Clark, Mr R Amor, Mrs S White, Mrs M Sheppard, Mr C Wilkinson, Wiltshire Councillor R Brittain plus one member of the public together with Mr C Craig of the Brooke-Evelyn-Thistlethwaite Charity.

The purpose of Mr Craig’s presence was to inform the council of a new member of the Charity, Mrs Madeline Loten and asking for the Parish Council’s approval of her appointment. Her appointment has been made following the resignation of Mr Stuart Gould. Mr Craig outlined the purpose of the charity which was founded in 1685 to serve East Grimstead and West Dean residents only. The Charity is called upon in cases of excess need, hardship or distress and it also supports selected local charities such as Wiltshire Air Ambulance who have been called out to cases in the two parishes. If anyone is aware of such cases, they are to inform the charity. Funds for the charity come from the rental of a field and also a large amount was raised from the sale of a field and no other funds are sought from anywhere else. The appointment of Mrs Loten to be discussed later in the meeting and the clerk to inform Mr Craig of the outcome.

Declaration of Interest The Chairman declared his interest in the accounts.

Public Speaking Time No matters were raised.

The Minutes of the meetings held on the 28th August, 25th September and 3rd October, having been circulated were taken as read and signed.



83.12Water Leaks – Dean Road The clerk had met with members of Wessex Water. Samples of the water had been taken but the results are still pending.

84.12 Grass by the Bus Shelter, West Grimstead The contractors who do the regular cutting are willing to undertake to keep this area tidy.

85.12 Footpaths With regard to the new kissing gates/gates, the chairman and clerk had previously agreed that £500 would be contributed from the Parish Council. It was further agreed by all councillors that this amount would be forthcoming. This sum would be put in a central fund and used throughout the area for the various gates, etc.

It was reported that a serious accident had occurred a few weeks ago whereby a gentleman had tripped on a stile and broken his leg and had been hospitalised for some three weeks. It was thought the accident had occurred in East Grimstead parish.

86.12 Ash Trees These have been removed

87.12 Code of Conduct Three members have completed the forms on line. The East Grimstead members have not completed the relevant forms.


88.12 Parish Steward Despite our request for have the saplings cut by the railway bridge and the drain cleaned out at the end of Macs Lane nothing has been done. It was agreed the clerk should contact the clerks of Whiteparish and Alderbury Parish Council to see what happens in those parishes. Jobs for this time include the cleaning of gulleys at Horsepond and the trimming back by the relevant road signs.

89.12 Japanese Knot Weed A sample of the so called weed which was from opposite New Gatmore was before the council. The chairman to check this in daylight.

90.12 Footpath to Whaddon It was felt we need to proceed with the footpath from the Charcoal Burners back to West Grimstead. The original scheme was to come to Crockford Corner. The Longford Estate has given the land from Alderbury to the Charcoal track. The chairman suggested that Claire Churchill of Alderbury Parish Council be approached. Tom Bray of the Southern Area Board also to be approached. Apparently the first stretch from Alderbury down will soon be started.

91.12 East Grimstead Pond Letter received from Wiltshire Wildlife which was very unhelpful. It was about ponds in general and did not refer to the algae situation at all. The edge of the pond has been cut back by Mr Cooper. Mr Wilkinson offered to attempt to suck out the algae with an electric pump. Other members offered to help. It was thought that Porton Garden Centre may be able to give advice. The clerk to check.

92.12 Ragwort Letter received from our MP who had not noticed the extent of the weed in the Salisbury area! There has been a significant rise in the amount this year and none of the verges have been cut back presumably because they are low risk areas. However some of the verges are near to fields that have grazing animals. The clerk to write again to Mr Glenn asking him to pursue the matter with Wiltshire Council.

93.12 Brooke-Evelyn-Thistlethwaite Charity The clerk to confirm that Mrs Loten by appointed as a member of the charity. All councillors were in agreement.

94.12 Planning The Old Chapel, West Grimstead. The Planning Department are insisting that a soakaway be dug in the hard standing by the Chapel.

95.12 Correspondence

Auditors’ Report Everything satisfactory

Bus Shelters Letters received from residents of West Grimstead requesting a bus shelter by the Old School. It was agreed the clerk to write to the bus company for advice and send copies of the letters. It was also requested that a shelter be provided near the old telephone kiosk in East Grimstead. If the bus company is not forthcoming, prices to be obtained.

R2 monies £5569.11 is available. The subject of playground surfacing was raised. The clerk to contact Pitton and Farley clerk asking for advice. R2 could be used for the Whaddon footpath.

96.12 Accounts The following account was passed for payment

Mrs E Bayford Salary and Expenses £529.67

Wiltshire Area Board (contribution gates) £500.00

Mazars (External Audit Fee) £60.00

97.12 Any Other Business

Hedges Richard Thomas (contractor) to be asked to cut the hedge on the roadside of the Recreation Ground in West Grimstead

Dog Fouling A notice to be put on the kissing gate by Tinkers Rest warning dog owners that new laws have been passed regarding dog fouling. Also a notice to be erected at Gays Drove in East Grimstead.

Dead branches Longford Estate to be asked to have the dead branches of the oak trees cut back along the Whaddon Road. Claire Wigmore also to be approached about the ones near her property in Long Drove.

Planning Meetings A councillor enquired whether these could be limited to one in between ordinary meetings.

Clerk’s resignation The chairman reported that the clerk wished to resign. The councillors were very sorry. Tom Bray to be informed and an advertisement to be placed in the local magazine.

98.12 Next Meeting – 4th December at West Grimstead Village Hall


Minutes of a Planning Meeting held at West Grimstead Village Hall on Monday, 29th October 2012

Present: George Bayford, chairman presiding, Mrs R Clark and Mr R Amor. Apologies were received from Mr C Wilkinson and Mrs M Sheppard

99.12 Planning Application S/2012/1448 – Loft extension to Willow Cottage, Chapel Hill, West Grimstead

There were no objections.


Minutes of a Planning Meeting held at East Grimstead Reading Room on Monday 12th November 2012.

Present: All Councillors were present with George Bayford, chairman, presiding.

100.12 Planning Application S/2012/1502 – Demolition of existing dwelling and outbuildings and construction of replacement dwelling with garage and associated parking at Brookmead, East Grimstead.

Mr Amor explained the application and also policy H30 which states that replacement dwellings in the country side should not be   significantly larger and have no greater impact than the existing dwelling. It would appear that the proposed dwelling is some 60% larger (by floor area) than the existing dwelling. Pre-application discussions have taken place. The Parish Council was opposed to the application on the following grounds:

  1. The information is misleading and it was felt the plans were not to scale.

  2. This house is too big in proportion to the existing one.  In fact it is 61% larger

  3. The proposed dwelling is not attractive and not in keeping with the rural surroundings. a ‘mock-georgian’ house was far too imposing and formal and does not fit in with the rather ad hoc organic feel of the village.

  4. There is no mention of the rare orchids growing on the site.

  5. Although the access to the property is changing, it was felt the new one could be dangerous.

The clerk to write accordingly.