Parish Council Meeting 2/10/2015


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday, 2nd November 2015 at West Grimstead Village Hall at 7.00 p.m.

Present: Cllr Daffern, chairman presiding, Councillors Clark, Doran, Christie, Winser, Hewitt, Wiltshire Councillor Britton plus four members of the public. Apologies were received from Cllr Sowerby.

111.15 Ten Minutes Public Time: A member of the public asked if Macks Lane would be considered under “Footpaths” and the chairman agreed that it would. The Council was also asked if Public Time could also be included at the end of the meeting so that the public could comment on what has been discussed. It was agreed that this item would go back on the Agendas.

112.15 Declarations of Interest. Councillor Clark declared an interest in Macks Lane.

113.15 Minutes. The minutes of the meeting held on the 5th October 2015, having been circulated, were taken as read and signed.


114.15 Warden Duties. The clerk reported that as there had been a recent bereavement in the warden’s family and also that he was still off sick, there was nothing to report.

115.15 Notice Boards. Councillor Hewitt explained he was having difficulty in getting cork but as soon as this was resolved the notice boards would be erected.

116.15 Mobile Phone Coverage.    Councillor Christie has been in contact with EE to determine whether their proposed micro network solution for the Grimsteads could be a potential way of giving access to higher broadband speeds to those currently unable to get high speed broadband. The response from EE is that this would be possible (though not recommended for downloading large amounts of data such as films, due to the technical nature of the proposed micro network). However, use of the proposed EE solution for those purely wanting higher broadband speeds for emailing, web browsing or internet shopping, for example, is possible. Therefore, there may be more people now likely to be interested in EE’s proposal than those only wanting better mobile phone coverage/reception.

117.15 Footpath. Email received from Mr Cowens stating he is waiting for new gates to be delivered. Apparently Mr Ludlow has been working on Footpath 11 with a fence having been erected on one side. Councillor Doran is involved with this and will let Mr Ludlow know that the gates have been ordered. He has offered to erect this gate. Laminated copies of the footpath maps have been produced and will be put up in the two halls. Also a laminated copy of the whole parish is being put up. Thanks were expressed to Councillor Winser for producing the copies. The clerk to write to the various members of the two hall committees for permission to put up these maps.

Macks Lane. A letter was read from Miss H Clark explaining the position with regard to a proposed planning application at Emmotts Farm. The entrance would still be the same and there would be no additional entrances whatsoever on to the lane in respect of the planning application.

118.15 Footpath to Whaddon. The hedge along the footpath has recently been cut back and the clerk was asked to write to Marcus Light and thank him for attending to this work. The grass needs cutting and Mr G Bayford has offered to do this as well as look at a fallen branch. It was decided to ask again for volunteers to help in the upkeep of the path. Councillor Hewitt also offered to look at the damage caused by the fallen branch.

119.15 Highways. The “Mr Fencing” sign by the boundary track has been moved but a discussion took place as to whether it should be taken away at night. It was decided not to ask the firm to do this.

Damaged Verges. Councillor Doran expressed concern about all the damage being caused to the verges and in particular an incident which occurred a month ago on Crockford Green. She felt strongly that the firm who owned the lorry which drove over the green should have been contacted and pointed out to them that damage had been caused to the green. However within two days, the damage had been repaired so no contact was made with the lorry firm. Thanks were expressed to Mr M Donaldson who did the repair work. Councillor Doran felt that Crockford Green should be protected with boulders or stakes but the majority were against this.
It was agreed that Councillors Doran and Winser would follow up with local businesses, particularly those in West Dean, to let them know our concerns but we didn’t want to pursue stray drivers who had got lost.

Horse Pond .The area surrounding the pond has been tidied up and looks very nice. The clerk to write to the various people who carried out the work. Also two more reflector posts are needed, one at each end on the same side as the pond. The pond really needs cleaning out but the problem is that it is full of water which makes it impossible but the trouble is that when the water level is low, it is difficult to organise for the contractor to carry out the work as he is already committed to other things.

SLOW signs. The clerk was asked to write to see if the various SLOW signs around could be re-whitened.

Flooding East Grimstead Bridge. The clerk was asked to write again to see if anything is being done by British Rail. Councillor Hewitt thinks that the ditch can bypass the railway land and a meeting will take place to look at the position.

120.15 Playing Field. Several families met recently to discuss requirements on the field. The three most preferredt items were: Zip Wire. Tree House and a Cycle Track all around the outside of the field. Another meeting will be held at a later date to sort out who will do what.

121.15 Defibrillator Training. This has been arranged for the 28th January at West Grimstead Village Hall. A notice advertising the event will be put up and also it will be advertised in the village magazines.

122.15 Core Strategy. Councillor Britton explained that the Neighbourhood Plan is to facilitate development and make it easier but this is not appropriate for a small village. Spatial Planning are hoping to send a link officer to talk to the Council about the Core Strategy. The clerk to let them know the dates of future meetings.

123.15 Councillor Training. This will take place on the 25th November at St Marys Hall in Alderbury at 7.30 p.m. Councillors Daffern, Doran, Hewitt and Christie will attend. Sadly this date is the same as the Speed Watch Training at Devizes but Councillors Clark and Winser agreed to attend this Speedwatch meeting instead of the training session.

Speedwatch Training. As Mrs Marshall will no longer be attending this meet, a lady in East Grimstead has expressed an interest in attending. The clerk to contact her. Mr R Coates, the organiser to be notified of the changes.

124.15 Planning.

15/10337 Proposed demolition of existing outbuilding and erection of replacement outbuilding at Hollands Well,
West Grimstead. The council had no objections but the new outbuilding must not be used as ancillary accommodation.
15/09794 Certificate of Lawfulness at The Oaks, Bugmore Lane, East Grimstead. As ten years have passed it was felt that no comments could be made
15/09867 Cladding of two Class B8 storage use buildings at Nightwood Farm – No objections.

125.15 Dog Fouling . Dog poo bags plus the relevant notice have been put up by the kissing gate at Hollands Well. A letter was read out about somebody in the village whose dog was seen fouling the path and the owner did nothing about it. The person in question has been identified and the clerk was asked to write to him stating the implications of dog fouling and asking him to clean up after his animals.

126.15 Precept/Accounts. This to be discussed at the next meeting

127.15 Correspondence. Letter from Area Board regarding issues raised at the last meeting.

128.15 Register of Councillor’s Interests. By law all councillors have to register their interests on line and these are being done or have been done already. Councillor Hewitt thought he was exempt as he did not live in the parish but this is not the case and he has to submit his interests.

129.15 Accounts for Payment. It was agreed the following invoices be paid.

The Landscape Group – Grass cutting (2 months) £373.36
Mrs E Bayford (Clerk’s salary and expenses for 8 weeks) £659.04

121.15 Ten Minutes Public Time. With regard to village maintenance, a member of the public felt that villagers should do a lot more themselves rather than get Wiltshire Council to do the work, e.g. grasscutting, litter, etc.
130.15 Date of Next Meeting Monday, 5th December 2015 at 7.30 p.m. in West Grimstead Village Hall.

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