Parish Council Meeting 19/11/2013


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held: Tuesday 19th November 2013.  7.30pm at East Grimstead Reading Room.

Present: Mr C. Wilkinson, Mrs R. Clark, Mrs L. Paramour, Mr E. Daffern, Mr. Robert Amor and Mrs M Wingfield, Clerk to the Parish.

Apologies: Mr N. Pope

Declarations of interest. None

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 1st October 2013 having been circulated, with one alteration were taken as read and signed.

Members of the public were given a chance to speak about various issues, In particular they spoke about planning, for the erection of an agricultural barn to house livestock at rear of the Reading Room, Holme Farm change of use, to part of ground floor, to residential, the need for a Bench in West Grimstead, removal of recycling bins, the need for change of gates at recreation ground and dog fouling.


62.13/52.13/41.13/23.13 Whaddon Grimstead Footpath (Linear Park)

Mr Wilkinson said that work had halted at present, but was to to start next week.

Action:- Mr Wilkinson to continue to liaise with Mr. Bott regarding footpath.

63.13/54.13/43.13/30.13 Defibrillator.

Mrs Clark brought information from the Ambulance service regarding purchase and installation costs of a defibrillator, and the need to have the cabinet heated for battery function.

Action:- Clerk to liaise with Alderbury about installation of Defibrillator.

59.13 Maintenance of Playing Field Equipment.

Mr Wilkinson reaffirmed the benefits of having smaller goal posts, in particular ‘5 a side’, Charles to research Goal Posts. Rosemary said that the net for the Goal Post needed fixing, and that she to would speak to Mark about the repair of the see-saw. Sign for the recreation ground to be decided upon along with safer gates.

Action:- Mrs Clark to speak to Mark about See-Saw.

88.13 79.13 Recycling bins

The Clerk had circulated correspondence from villagers about the removal of the recycling bins. It was pointed out that East Grimstead and Alderbury had removed their bins some time ago. The Council stated that the bins were ‘not coming back’, as householders no longer needed them.

61.13 Clerk’s Pay / PAYE

The Clerk pointed out the difficulties using the PAYE system as the HMRC software wasn’t working, so for the short term was using the old system.

90.13 Traffic Calming / 30mph signs.

Mrs Clark stated that the owner of Wilderhope has declined to allow the re-siting of 30mph sign on to his land, so Highways to look into the resiting of the 30mph sign. It pointed out that whilst the PC agreed in principle with simple ideas for a ‘Gateway’, the members did not want a ‘plastic gate’.

Action:- Clerk to contact Tom Bray about Metrocount.

91.13 Precept/Budget.

This was held in abeyance until a further specific meeting could be set up. Date to be decided.

Action:- Clerk to set up meeting about Precept/Budget.

92.13 Clerks Hours/ Equipment.

It was agreed to purchase a PC Laptop for the sole purpose of PC work, with the added benefit of easy handing over PC information to any new incoming Clerk. Item ‘Clerks Hours’was referred to Mr Wilkinson/Mr Daffern, with the clerk at a separate meeting, date to be decided.

Action:- Clerk to set up meeting with Mr Wilkinson and Mr Daffern.

93.13 Bench

Mrs Doran put forward Several ideas for a bench to allow older people to rest on route to the book exchange (Old Telephone Box). This would be sited opposite the Telephone Box. It was suggested to research some different benches, more in keeping with the village.

Action:- Gwynn Doran and Clerk to research bench.

94.13 Planning.

Planning no. No.13/05256/FUL Holme Farm – East Grimstead – Sals – SP5 3RT

Change of Use of part of ground floor from B1 to C3 residential use in association with existing residential accommodation.

Plans were shown of the proposed changes and after careful consideration the Parish Council made a unanimous decision to recommend approval for the application.

Planning Application No. 13/04497/FUL Land at rear of Reading Room – East Grimstead – SP5 3SA. Removal of existing barn and erection of an agricultural barn to house livestock.

After careful consideration to any proposed changes to the plans, the Council stated, that as no significant changes had been made, especially in relation to it’s siting, their original decision to recommend refusal was still applicable.

Any Other Business.

95.13 Accounts

1) Sutcliffe Play

2) Inspection Report

3) Clerks salary and expenses

96.13 Correspondence– The following items of Correspondence were received.

Bob Coates Bins and noise, Lizzy Lawson noise, Janice ford bins, Crime Bulletin, Ditches, David Morris bins and Dog Fouling, correspondence cultural activities, in your parish, Tom Bray Youth Notes, Farmers Market Poster.

97.13 Further Action Required.

Mr C. Wilkinson continue to liaise with Mr Bott about progress of footpath and to research Goal Posts.

Clerk to contact Tom Bray about ‘metrocount’, to continue liaising with Alison McGowan Ref: defibrillator and research bench with Gwen Doran. To set up precept meeting and meeting for Clerks hours.

Mrs R. Clark to speak to Mark about the repair of the see-saw.

98.13 Meeting Closed.

99.13 Next Meeting TBA

If anyone wishes to look at the Minute Book, please contact the clerk on 711739.

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