Parish Council Meeting . 3/3/2014.


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held: Monday 3rd March 2014, 7.30pm at West Grimstead Village Hall.

Present  Mr C. Wilkinson, Mrs R. Clark, Mrs C. Marshall, Mr E. Daffern, Mr. Robert Amor, Mrs L. Paramor and Mrs M Wingfield, Clerk to the Parish.

Apologies:- None

Declarations of Acceptance of Office Signed later by Mr Andrew Ferguson before the Proper Officer.                                                                                                Declarations of interest. None

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 14th January 2014 having been circulated, were taken as read and signed. Members of the public were given a chance to speak about various issues, Mrs Doran, from west Grimstead, informed the Council of a further £50 donation offered by a villager for the purchase of the Hawthorn Seat.

Matters Arising.

19.14 New Councillor Co-option of Councillors/Declarations of Acceptance of Office: The . Parish Council co-opted Mr Andrew Ferguson as a new councillor.                 Action: Declarations: to be signed later by Mr Ferguson and before the Proper Officer.

3.14/20.14 Footpath to Whaddon: Bad weather had halted progress on the path. As a result it highlighted problems with flooding in low spots. The flooding was caused by a build up of silt on the opposite side of the road. Action: Mr Wilkinson to write a letter to Mr Radnor/Chris Whalley to request the cleaning of the ditch on the same side of the road as the path and continue to liaise with Mr Bott about progress of footpath.

21.14 Neighbourhood Plans: Mrs Marshall gave a brief summary of the ‘Neighbourhood
Plans’, and has agreed to attend a meeting about it in Warminster. Parish to cover any
costs. Action: Mr. Britton to forward details of planning officer to come and talk to us.

22.14 Hedges, Ditches Drains: Mrs Clark pointed out that there is an overgrowth of brambles and hedges at the bottom of Chapel Hill. Action: Mrs Clark to forward a detailed list of things that need attention to for the Clerk to report.

23.14 WWI: This item to be abated until further notice.

24.14 Goal Posts: Mr Wilkinson reported costings of approximately £1400 for two smaller
Goal Posts, that could be funded from R2. Mr Amor proposed two smaller posts, without
formal pitch markings, and although agreed, it was decided to withdraw the proposal
until the next meeting. Action: Clerk to put up Notice about the Recreation Ground for
the next meeting, to allow ideas to be put forward.

25.14 Gateway: It was proposed to install the larger of the two 30mph signs for West
Grimstead, and was agreed by all. Action: Clerk to inform Julie Wharton.

26.14 Any other Business:

a) Mrs Clark spoke of litter problems and offered to organise a ‘litter pickup’ in the village. b) Problems of fly tipping in Windwhistle Lane were noted, and sorted. c) It was noted that sewerage is still running into the river at the bottom of Chapel Hill. Action:
Mrs Clark to report. d) It was reported that the white lines at the top of Chapel Hill have been completed. e) Footpaths 11 and 16 need maintaining. Action: Clerk to report.

27.14 Accounts: 1) Clerk’s Salary and expenses. 2) HMRC

28.14 Correspondence: None

29.14 Meeting Closed.

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