Parish Council Meeting . 3/8/2015


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday, 3rd August 2015 at West Grimstead Village Hall at 7.30 p.m.

Present: Eric Daffern, chairman presiding, Mrs R Clark, Mrs G Sowerby, Graeme Winser, Gwyneth Doran, Wiltshire Councillor R Britton, the clerk plus eight members of the public.
51.15 Ten Minutes Public Time. The owner of Pucks Hill reported on his plans for this dwelling and has also taken advice from the Planning Authority. The footpath to the rear of his property is very overgrown but this will be sorted out in due course.
It was reported that the Ramblers Big Path Watch Web Site can be viewed. Anyone can walk all the paths.
One villagers queried where the draft minutes were published and these were put on the notice boards and also the two parish websites.

52.15 Declarations of Interest. None

53.15 Minutes. The minutes of the meeting held on the 5th July. 2015, having been circulated, were taken as read and signed.


54.15 Wild Flower Meadow. As Mr Marshall did not attend the meeting, this item to be placed on the Agenda for the next meeting. It was reported, however that should the wild flower meadow not succeed, Wiltshire Council will no longer cut the area and the Parish Council would have to organise the cutting on a regular basis.

55.15 Notice Boards. Thanks expressed to Antony Cooper for the provision of the new notice board in East Grimstead. The ones for West Grimstead are still awaited.

56.15. Footpaths .The local walking group have again walked the path from the Old Piggery to East Grimstead. The signpost at the boundary of Mr Wilkinson’s land has been knocked down and needs attention. Mr Wilkinson is happy to have a new kissing gate but work has been carried out on this path since it was last walked. The clerk to ask Nick Cowan for an update on this kissing gate. The Footpath clearance people will provide posts and Mr Wilkinson will provide labour.
The new kissing gate was installed on Footpath 11 today. The clerk to write and thank Nick Cowan for doing this work so quickly.
It was reported that the culvert on the footpath into Bentley Wood from Bugmore Lane is in need of attention. The clerk to write. Also the footpath from East Grimstead Reading Room to the Dean Road needs attention as dogs are unable to go under the stile. Gwyneth Doran and Gill Sowerby will check this out.
Copies of the footpath map to be laminated with one going in East Grimstead Church Porch and the other in the village hall at West Grimstead. Graeme Winser to organise this.

57.15 . Signatories to the Bank Account The clerk reported that all work on this has now been completed and that the new signatories can now sign cheques. The clerk to write again and express our concerns over the difficulties encountered.

58.15.  Highways. Some of the councillors had recently met with Tracy Myers of Wiltshire Council who would pass on our requests and concerns to the appropriate place. Rosemary Clark has the Chapel Hill Sign and will get this repaired but the Crockford Road sign by the railway bridge is missing. There is nothing to stop us making signs for Green Drove but these could be taken down!
It was reported that following the ditching done along Butterfurlong Road, damage has been caused to the little bridge half way along this road. The clerk to report this to Wiltshire Council.

59.15.  Flooding. East Grimstead/West Dean Road Concern was shown over this road flooding during very wet weather. Wiltshire Council has tried to sort the matter out with British Rail without success. The clerk has written to British Rail (Hector Kidds/Ian Plummer) who hope to st6art the initial appraisal over the coming weeks and keep us informed.

60.15.  Playing Field. Graeme Winser reported that seven families are happy to get together to discuss requirements, etc. for the Recreation Ground. It was hoped to run an event on the field at a later date in order to raise money for new equipment etc. R2 funds can be used for this purpose and there is approximately £4000 available plus the compensation money from Lloyds Bank. Rosemary Clark has been busy clearing away the thistles, etc.
With regard to the Clothing Bank Skip, this will be discussed at a later date.

61.15  Parish Council Web Site Until such time as the web site is up and running, the draft minutes are being put on the two village web sites. Gill Sowerby has already started to prepare the Parish Council web site and will liaise with the clerk over this.

62.15  Defibrillator at East Grimstead. This is still ongoing and Mrs Sowerby will now contact the Ambulance people to finalise proceedings.

63.15  Footpath to Whaddon. Signed Licence received from Longford Estate. With regard to the footpath to Whaddon, George Bayford kindly cut it for the first time but the clerk to write to James Bleany asking for a quotation do it on a regular basis.

64.15  Speed Watch. All the paper work has been received. All trainees will need to attend one session and all sessions will take place at Wiltshire Police Headquarters in Devizes. Also all new volunteers must complete an application form. The clerk to sort out all the people who have offered their services and arrange a training day which will be on one of these days.
5th September 10am – 12pm
23rd September 6pm – 8pm
25th November 6pm – 8pm

65.15 Core Strategy. This book has been received. Gwyneth Doran has taken it to read.

66.15 Planning

Application 15/06705 – Cowslip Cottage, West Grimstead – Creation of two properties from one including detached double garage, conservatory, two storey extension and associated alterations. No objections.
Application 15/06729 – Nightwood Farm – Change of use of three agricultural buildings to Class B8 storage use. No objections. However Alderbury Parish Council to be notified of the application because of the increased traffic along the Clarendon Road.
Application 15/06278 – Pucks Hill Farm, East Grimstead – Erection of detached garage with upper floor annex, two storey side and rear extensions together with loft conversion. No objections.
67.15 REMAP.   Email received from Mr Cliff Leach of Salisbury REMAP which is a UK national charity working through local panels of volunteers helping people with disabilities. He was invited to join this meeting but did not attend. The clerk to invite him to a future meeting.

68.15 Bugmore Green.  Letter received from solicitors informing the Parish Council had the late
Georgina Mary Green had died and left £1000 to East Grimstead Church and a legacy of £5000 to the PCC to be spent on a footpath/walkway on Bugmore Green. The chairman had obtained a quote for an all-weather path of £7100 including contingencies. A member of the public said the green was perfectly passable in all weathers. It was agreed villagers should have the opportunity to speak on this and this item to be placed on East Grimstead web site so that people can have their say. The chairman to organise this.

69.15 Area Board. At the recent meeting the chairman explained about the grant making process that the Area Board goes through. The chairman who attended was surprised to find people asking for money for play equipment, etc.

70.15 Accounts. for Payment It was agreed the following invoice be paid.

The Landscape Group – Grass cutting £188.18

71.15 Date of Next Meeting Monday, 7th September 2015 7.30 p.m. in West Grimstead Village Hall.


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