Parish Council Meeting . 6/7/2015


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday, 6th July 2015 at West Grimstead Village Hall at 7.30 p.m.

Present: Eric Daffern, chairman presiding, Mrs R Clark, Mrs G Sowerby, Wiltshire Councillor R Britton, the clerk plus eight members of the public. Apologies: Graeme Winser and Gwynneth Doran.

28.15 Ten Minutes Public Time.   Mr Sanger, the owner of Nursery Farm, West Grimstead spoke about the possible planning application for this site. It is a derelict site which he inherited from his grandfather. A recent application was before the council for six small dwellings but the Parish Council wished to see only four and so the application was withdrawn but the question still remains as what to do with the site. The favourite usage is to have small houses and he is going to look at the situation again and possibly have five houses. As two councillors were absent, it was difficult to put forward our views. The village does need smaller houses. Councillor Britton has not expressed any views but would make comments as and when. Access might be an issue.

Mr Murray Marshall raised the issue of the planning application at Balmer Lawn Cottage. It was not clear as to what this new building was to be used for. As the applicant is a developer, neighbours did not want it to be turned into an area of work activities connected with his business. It has taken a year for the previous works to be completed and this work commenced without permission. There is already a garage on the site but the council felt it could not object to another garage in the garden. Councillor Britton suggested if they are minded to approve it then the council would recommend a condition that the use is tied as an ancilliary to the domestic use. It was proposed the application is supported with the condition. All in favour.

The subject of the Wild Flower Meadow was also raised by a member of the public but this item to be discussed during the actual meeting.

29.15 Declarations of Interest.  None

30.15 Minutes. The minutes of the meetings held on the 29th May and 8th June, having been circulated, were taken as read and signed.

31.15 Wild Flower Meadow. This was discussed but as so few councillors were in attendance this matter to be deferred to the next meeting. Mr Marshall to be invited to talk about the scheme.

32.15 Notice Boards. These should be erected at the end of the week.

33.15 Gays Drove. The ruts have been filled in but there has been more fly tipping in the lane. The clerk to write.

34.15 Footpaths.  The kissing gate for the East Grimstead footpath is awaited. However there has been an urgent request for a kissing gate on Footpath 11 where the actual stile is broken and cattle need to be put in the field. Permission was given some time ago for a kissing gate to be provided. The clerk has already written that this matter is urgent. It was felt this matter should be given priority over the path from the Old Piggery to East Grimstead.

35.15 Signatories to the Bank Account.   A considerable amount of time has been spent on this and things are still not finalised. A complete new Mandate Form now has to be completed. The clerk to organise this. However in view of all the hassle, Lloyds have given £200 in compensation.

36.15 Street Names.   Email received from Tracy Myers stating he has raised works orders to have Green Drove signs placed at both ends of the road. However the erection of street nameplates is not classed as a priority defect.

37.15 Highways. Some patching up has been carried out in East Grimstead by Manor Farm

38.15 Playing Field. Graeme Winser has offered to take over the management of the playing field. Mrs Clark is still to be involved in view of all the work she has done so far. With regard to the posts for the new crossing, it was agreed that plastic posts could be installed. The clerk to write.

39.15 Parish Council Web Site. The clerk had been in touch with the clerk of Maiden Bradley Parish Council who advised that the site she had used is free. Mrs Sowerby agreed to look into this and to go ahead and draft a web site and discuss at the next meeting. When the web site is up and running, draft minutes will be put on it.

40.15 Defibrillator at East Grimstead. This has been received. Mrs Sowerby to sort out. The grant is paid when the invoice is submitted.

41.15 Footpath to Whaddon.  Mrs Clark and the clerk had met with the agent of Longford Estate who said that a Risk Assessment was not necessary and that the licensee would be responsible for the upkeep of the path. It was agreed to ask Mr James Bleaney if he would cut it back for the first time. The Licence has been received and the chairman was asked to sign on behalf of the Parish Council. This then to be returned to the Longford Estate.

42.15 Speed Watch. Email received from Leanne Homewood of Wiltshire police stating that a Risk Assessment will be carried out and 2-3 suitable places found to carry out speed checks

43.15 East Grimstead Chalk Pit.   No application has yet been made with regard to the site. The people who are renting it at the moment are proposing to store fireworks and carry out army type games. It was felt there was little point in discussing this until such time as the planning application has been received.

44.15 Planning

Application 15/05747 – Construction of single storey detached garage with covered open garden room at Balmer Lawn Cottage, Long Drove, West Grimstead. This application was discussed and it was decided that if Wiltshire Council approve this application, then Grimstead Parish Council would recommend a condition that the use is tied purely as ancilliary to domestic use.

Another application is in the pipeline for a single dwelling at the Old Piggery Site at Butterfurlong Farm but nothing has yet been received.

45.15 Core Strategy. Mrs Doran felt we should have a copy of the Core Strategy Document. This will cost £25. The clerk to find out details from Councillor Britton.

46.15 Southern Area Board. Mrs Sowerby attended the last meeting and was very impressed with the set up and felt councillors should attend these meetings in the future. They are held bi-monthly and the next meeting is on Thursday, 30th July at Coombe Bissett Village Hall.

47.15 Audit. This has now been finalised. The clerk to send off the relative documents to Grant Thornton, External Auditors.

48.15 Missing Documents. Concern was shown over all the missing documents (Minutes, etc.) and Councillor Britton felt that we should make aware what is missing. This could be difficult.

49.15 Vacancies. We are now in a position to co-opt a new member in Mr Fergusson’s place and on the 10th July, a new member can be co-opted in place of Mrs Paramor.

50.15 Accounts for Payment. It was agreed the following invoice be paid.

Mrs E Bayford Clerk’s salary and expenses for the past 8 weeks £686.54

51.15 Date of Next Meeting. As East Grimstead Reading Room is not available on Monday evenings, it was agreed that the next meeting would be on Monday, 3rd August at West Grimstead Village Hall It was proposed by Gill Sowerby that all future meetings would be held on the first Monday of the month.

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