Parish Council Meeting .7/9/2015


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday, 7th September 2015 at West Grimstead Village Hall at 7.30 p.m.

Present: Eric Daffern, chairman presiding, Mrs R Clark, Mrs G Sowerby, Mr G Winser, Wiltshire Councillor R Britton, the clerk plus five members of the public. Also Mr Cliff Leach of REMAP was in attendance. Apologies were received from Mrs. G Doran

72.15 Ten Minutes Public Time. There were no comments.

73.15 Declarations of Interest.  None

74.15 Minutes The minutes of the meeting held on the 3rd August. 2015, having been circulated, were taken as read and signed.

75.15 Any Other Business
Nightwood Planning Application. Several letters have been received complaining that the Parish Council did not object to this application. There has been a lot of contention in neighbouring parishes. At a meeting held in Alderbury, Councillor Britton was asked to call in the application, which he has agreed to do if officers are minded to approve it. Apparently Wiltshire Council is obliged to notify people whose property actually adjoins the site. Pitton and Farley are concerned in case the site is accessed from the A30 through those villages.
Vacancy Mr Ross Christie of Butterfurlong Farmhouse has offered to be a councillor but he was unable to come to the meeting as he is on holiday. The chairman to call before the next meeting.

76.15 Wild Flower Meadow. Nothing further to report. If this matter is raised again by Mr Marshall, it will be put back on the agenda.

77.15 Notice Boards. These are still awaited in West Grimstead. Councillor Clark to chase

78.15 Footpaths. No news from the Footpath Warden. The footpath near the Reading Room in East Grimstead still needs attention. With regard to the footpath to Whaddon, although the Landscape Group to be asked to quote for this work as no one in the parish is willing to cut it, a notice to be placed in the parish magazine asking if people would be willing to do it monthly on a rota basis

79.15 Highways. No reply from Highways. The branches of the trees at Horsepond House have been cut back. The Yew trees at the Old Rectory need cutting back. The clerk to arrange this.

80.15 Playing Field. Seven families are interested in helping with the Playing Field and a meeting in late autumn will be arranged to discuss all the problems. The clerk to write and ask for the Clothing Bank to be removed.

81.15 Parish Council Web Site. This is almost up and running with minor problems still to be sorted.

82.15 Defibrillator at East Grimstead. The cabinet has arrived and now needs wiring which will be carried out next week. When it has been photographed in situ, the appliance is checked weekly and once a month an online report is sent to SWAST.    It is desirable to have awareness training in the village. The BHF requires training by an approved body to comply with its grant towards the equipment. A training Session has been arranged at Alderbury for the 16th September to which people are invited. The clerk to write to Alderbury PC stating that six people would be attending. With regard to training, the British Heart Foundation has stated that training by anyone else is not acceptable and they would require £300 to train up people. However the whole idea of having these appliances is that anyone can use them.

A long discussion took place as to whether the appliances should be ‘locked’. Councillor Sowerby was advised that they should remain unlocked but at the moment the one in West Grimstead is locked and can only be opened by the Ambulance people giving the necessary code but apparently the Ambulance Service will not give out the necessary code if the patient is more than one quarter of a mile away from the applicance. It was decided that the West Grimstead defib should be unlocked. This would make it much quicker if it were needed to be used in an emergency.

83.15 Speed Watch. All the paper work has been received. Mr Bob Coates has agreed to be the co-ordinator and the training session for eight people has been arranged at the Police Headquarters in Devizes for the 25th November.

84.15 Core Strategy. This is in the process of being circulated to the Councillors. Following this circulation, a closed meeting will be arranged to discuss the parish needs.

85.15 REMAP. Mr Cliff Leach, chairman of Salisbury REMAP gave a brief report on the workings of REMAP. The firm is based in Salisbury and has 32 groups across the UK. All their services are free of charge and we were asked to erect notices and put articles in the village magazines and website to bring people’s attention to the Company. The clerk to arrange this.

86.15 Bugmore Green. An email was sent to 75 householders to which there were 15 responses. At least ten stated that a footpath was not needed across the green. The chairman has contacted the Solicitors involved in Miss Green’s estate to state our views and ask that the £5000 be given to the Reading Room in East Grimstead. There were no objections from the Parish Council.

87.15 Planning Application 15/08353 – Extension to Claremont Cottage, East Grimstead. There were no objections.

88.15 Mobile Phone Coverage. This item to be placed on the Agenda for the next meeting when it is hoped that a representative from EE will be coming to talk.

89.15 Maps. These still to be laminated and put in the two Village Halls. Councillor Winser now has possession of the large map purchased by the previous chairman.

90.15 Correspondence.

1. Letter received from Alderbury Parish Council inviting our councillors to a training meeting which is being set up. Five councillors to attend and the clerk to inform APC accordingly.
2. The CATG meeting will now take place on the 23rd September. Councillor Sowerby to attend
3. Email received from Anthony Cooper suggesting the village warden to advise the council on what he does and to instigate a Friends of Grimsteads group to maintain communal areas etc. Also regular litter picks to be organised. He also suggested a Youth Group. It was felt that a meeting with the parish warden would be a good idea.

91.15 Accounts for Payment. It was proposed by Councillor Clerk and seconded by Councillor Sowerby that the following invoices be paid.

E Bayford Clerk’s salary and expenses £824.36
Zoll Medical UK Defibrillator Cabinet for EG £664.80

92.15 Date of Next Meeting Monday, 5th October 2015 7.30 p.m. in West Grimstead Village Hall.

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