Parish Council Minutes -1/10/2013



Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held: Monday on 1st October 2013. 7.30pm at West Grimstead Village Hall.

Present  Mr C. Wilkinson, chairman, Mrs R. Clark, Mrs L. Paramour, Mr E. Daffern, Mr. Robert Amor, Mr R. Britton  and Mrs M Wingfield, Clerk to the Parish.

Apologies:- Mr N. Pope and Mrs C. Marshall.

Declarations of interest.  None

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 19th August 2013 having been circulated, with one alteration were taken as read and signed.


77.13, 62.13, 53.13, 41.13, 23.13 Whaddon Grimstead Footpath (Linear Park)

Mr Wilkinson that we had received the Path Improvement Grant (PIG) for the amount of £4650 toward the cost of the Footpath. It was noted that Andy Bott had removed the ‘Manure’ which would incur an extra cost. He said that work on the footpath was due to start the following week. Questions of the ‘Grand Opening’ and concern about whether the surface would be ‘walkable’ with Pushchairs etc. was also raised. Mr Wilkinson to continue to liaise with Mr Bayford and Andy Bott about the footpath and pipeline.

 78.13, 63.13, 54.13, 43.13, 30.13,  Defibrillator

Mrs Clark brought the BHF form for Chair to sign. It was decided to go for two defibrillators, one each for East and West Grimstead. Mrs Clark to continue to obtain funding for Defibrillator.

78.13, 66.13, 59.13  Maintenance of Playing Field Equipment

It was highlighted by Mrs Clark that the goalposts still needed clips that are hard to come by, and it was suggested to use plastic ties. Mr. Pope had previously put forward a case for buying ‘new’ equipment as this could be funded through R2 and stated that Mr. N. Weir from Quoin House, had made the suggestion to Mr Pope, of getting smaller goal posts and placing them in a different direction. Suggestions were put forward for a Basketball Net, Petanque and Table Tennis Table.

 Mr Pope in his correspondence to the council, highlighted that the safety inspection report recommended the removal of the recycling bins from the recreation ground as they present a hazard. This area Could also be used as a base for other equipment such as a basketball net. This was put to the Council for a decision and was unanimously in favour. of removing the bins. as it was decided that they were not needed, being that each home has adequate recycling available. Mrs. Clark said that she knew a contact that could repair the See-Saw. Mrs Clark had organised the cutting of the hedges. Mr Pope’s report about the Recreation Ground highlighted several necessities that needed to be fixed or repaired, such as a ‘non-finger pinching’ Gate. The council was in agreement that Mr Pope should set up a ‘ Shopping List’ so that the Council was aware of the full immediate and future costs.

80.13, 61.13   Clerk’s Pay / PAYE

After a lengthy process, Mrs Wingfield has now set up PAYE.

81.13, 69.13  62.13   Parish Council Meeting Dates

Mrs Wingfield to organise dates for future meetings every 6 months. The next dates being the 19th November and Tuesday the 7th January, with a decision for a meeting in December to be decided in the November meeting.

82.13, 73.13  WWI Centenary.

Mrs Clark suggested the idea of a Memorial in West and East Grimstead and to find out about other peoples ideas, if any, to put forward for commemoration. No decision was made about what to do.


Lyvers Farm, Liver Lane, East Grimstead SP5 3RX. Demolition of Dwelling and the erection of a new dwelling, (including it’s re-siting) and detached garage with Home Office over, and the demolition of existing Agricultural Buildings. A future date was set for this meeting on Tuesday 22nd October 2013 at West Grimstead Village Hall.

Any other Business:

Mrs Clark pointed out the need to Register the Village Land.

Mrs Wingfield said that she had received an email from Tom Bray saying ‘It would be good to get your PCs support in principle for the gateway idea when you meet this week. This will mean that when the CATG meets it will be clear that it has local support’. The Council agreed to support.


1)          Clerk’s Pay

2)          Stationary/Expenses

3)          Mrs Clark Weed Killer

Correspondence – The following items of Correspondence were received.

      1. A Letter from Mrs Stacey, objecting to the Proposed Development at Dillion’s Farm.
      2. A return of the Audit.
      3. Letter from Mr. F. Doran about Heavy Traffic in Church Lane.
      4. Letter from Mrs Doran proposing a bench be put opposite the ‘Telephone Box’ on the corner to field, to allow Parishioners to sit.

Further Action Required

Mr C. Wilkinson

1) Mr Wilkinson to continue to liaise with Mr Bayford and Andy Bott about progress of footpath.

 Mrs M. Wingfield

1)  Mrs Wingfield to contact Insurance to inform them of the footpath once completed.

2)  Mrs Wingfield to find out who made the West Dean sign for the Footpath.

3)  Mrs Wingfield to speak to Tom about funding a defibrillator.

4) Mrs Wingfield To find quotes for benches.

5)  Mrs Wingfield to also inform Balfour Beattie, (or the Landscape Group) about the ferns on Crockford Green.

10) Mrs Wingfield to write to Bob Crean about the clearing of road signs.

13) Mrs Wingfield to find out about grant for WWI Centenary.

Mrs R. Clark

1) Mrs Clark to obtain plastic ties for net on goal post.

Meeting Closed

Next Meeting Tuesday 19th November East Grimstead Village Hall, 7.30pm


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