Parish Council Minutes 13/05/2013



Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held: Monday on 13th May 2013 at West Grimstead village hall.


Present Mr G. Bayford, retiring chairman presiding, Mr C. Wilkinson, Mrs R. Clark, Mr R. Amor, Mrs L. Paramour, together with four parishioners.

 Elect Chairman. It was proposed by Mr B. Amor and seconded by Mrs Clark that Mr C. Wilkinson be elected as Chair. All in favour. Mr C. Wilkinson took Chair.

 It was proposed by Mrs L. Paramor and Mrs R. Clark that Mr B. Amour be elected Vice Chairman. Accepted.

 Apologies were received from Councillor R. Britton and Mr N. Pope.


Declarations of Acceptance of Office These were signed by the four remaining councillors, Mr C Wilkinson, Mr B Amor, Mrs R Clark and Mrs L Paramor, before the Proper Officer of the Council, Mrs M Wingfield.

Declarations of interest. None declared.


Public speaking time It was highlighted that although work on the highways in West Grimstead was finally due to start on the 13th May 2013, work had not yet commenced.

 Minutes of the the Parish Council Meeting 16th April 2013 having been circulated were taken as read, and signed.




23.13 41.13. Footpath Whaddon to West Grimstead. George Bayford agreed to work on this until completion completion, hopefully by the end of the year. The various grant forms have been submitted but we still have to contact Esso with regard to crossing their pipe line.

 23.14 42.13 Appointment of Clerk. With the appointment of a new parish clerk, it was decided that any Payments to the Clerk are to be made every six weeks to coincide with Parish meetings.

 30.13 43.13 Telephone Box West Grimstead. As a result of the details received about the cost of a defibrillator, estimated in the region of £1600, it was decided that this item is to be held in abeyance.

Books in the telephone box to be organised by Mrs Gwyn Doran.

 33.13      44.12  Audit  The Annual Governance Statement was discussed. All in agreement.  This will now go twill now go the Auditor, Allan Castle, for approval

 38.13            45.12 Accounts The following accounts were passed for payment.

                Mrs E Bayford (Clerk’s salary and expenses) £137.60

Membership to the ‘Campaign to Protect Rural England’ £30.00

39.13 46.12 CorrespondencePlanning application received for the erection of a Mobile home at Dillon’s Farm, Dean Road, East Grimstead. Item to be discussed at a special meeting to be held on the 28th May at East Grimstead Reading Room at 7.30pm. Site visit to be arranged, Charles to specify date.

40.13 47.12 Planning. Application received for erection of mobile home (covered in ‘Correspondence’) Special meeting to be set up.

48.12 Any Other Business

 Mr Bob Amor pointed out that the bench on East Grimstead Green was in a filthy state and needed cleaning. Mr Amor to arrange for someone to clean it.

 Co-option of other members to  the CouncilIt was decided this item to be put on the agenda at the next  Meeting. At the moment there are three vacancies for members.

 Playing Field Gates: Mr George Bayford to organise repairs

 Pond: at East Grimstead Mr Bob Amor queried what was happening with regard to the problem of algae.  Liz to contact firm regarding the chemical

 Public Speaking: Mr Charles Wilkinson suggested allowing the parishioners a second opportunity to speak or  ask questions half way through future meetings.

   49.12 Next Meeting 25th June 2013 East Grimstead Reading Room 7.30pm.


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