Parish Council Minutes 19/8/2013



Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held: Monday on 19th August 2013 at West Grimstead Village Hall.

Present Mr C. Wilkinson, chairman, Mrs R. Clark, Mrs L. Paramour, Mrs C. Marshall, Mr E. Daffern, Mr N. Pope, Mr R. Britton together with two parishioners.

Apologies:- None Received

Declarations of interest. None.

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 25th June 2013 having been circulated, with one alteration were taken as read and signed.


62.13 23.13-41.13-52.13 Whaddon Grimstead Footpath .(Linear Park) Although Mr G. Bayford, who is dealing with the West Grimstead footpath, was not present at the meeting, he did, prior to the meeting, speak with Mr Wilkinson, Parish Chairman, and informed him that things were progressing. Mr Wilkinson stated he would continue to liaise with Mr Bayford about funding.It had also been highlighted by several parishioners that the ‘Alderbury end’ of the footpath was now overgrown and needed attention. There was a query as to who was responsible for maintaining the footpath. Mr R. Britton said that he would talk to Alderbury about getting it cleared. Mr Wilkinson said that in future it would be down to the local parishes to keep it clear. The question of liability, if the footpath was not listed on the insurance, was also raised. Mrs Wingfield to contact the Insurance Company, once the footpath is finished, about this matter. It was discussed how to highlight the footpath, Mr Wilkinson said that the sign for the recreation ground at West Dean was pleasant and in keeping with the village. Mrs Wingfield to find out who made the West Dean sign.

63.13 30,13-43.13-54.13 Defibrillator.  Mrs Wingfield spoke about funding that may be available form the Area Board and that Alderbury were intending to fund all or part of their defibrillator in this way. Mr Britton also said that Whiteparish had full funding from the Area Board for their defibrillator. The question was raised by Mrs Clark on how to raise funds, if funding was not available, and that a badge would be needed. Mrs Wingfield to speak to Tom Bray about funding. Mr Wilkinson said that funds could be raised from village committees, such as the flower show in East Grimstead.

64.13 56.13 Pond . Mrs Marshall reported back after speaking to Downton about how they deal with cleaning their pond. She pointed out that they use Barley Straw, but carried on mechanically removing algae throughout the year. Mrs Marshall to liaise with Mr Neville Jennings from Downton, about the detail of cleaning the pond? Mr Wilkinson suggested that the village should carry on mechanically removing the algae.

65.13 57.13 Grass Cutting It was highlighted that the grass on the slip road, at the junction from the A36, and the junction on the A36 and Windwhistle Lane, had not yet been cut, despite the fact that Balfour Beattie had been informed of this. The ferns on Crockford Road are also overgrown. Mrs Wingfield to contact Balfour Beattie to cut the grass cut at these two points and to inform them about making sure that the ferns are also cut back.

66.13 59.13 Maintenance of Playing Field Equipment Gratitude, from the Council, was given to Rosemary for the work she had put into organising a work party to de-weed the Playing field, which has been mostly completed and also to Nick Pope for the work he had put into looking at the maintenance and safety issues of the equipment in the playing field. Mr Pope highlighted that some of the furniture needed repairing, or replacing, and that the signs on the gate were not up to spec. For safety reasons hedging has to be kept tidy. He had researched a different company to do a ‘safety Inspection’ for less money than ROSPA, who declined giving out important details in their last report without further funding. Other points highlighted were:-

a) Several plastic caps that needed replacing at 21p each. b) Additional Bark is needed. c) The ‘Toddler Swing’ needs replacing as it is non-serviceable, at a cost of approximately £161.00. d) Hedge Trimming, and is there a contract in place?               e) Goal Post needs new nets, Mrs Clark pointed out that she has these but needs new clips to install. f) Goal posts need to be painted, after preparation. Mrs Clark to obtain clips.  g) To establish how the park needs needs to be kept clear so that children are visible from the Road.  h) The See-Saw needs sanding and Painting. I) The Big See-Saw needs a new rubber coating as it is split.

Any future ideas for the park should be encouraged, such as Petanque, Table Tennis Table etc. for older children and/or Adults.

The Parish Council agreed to fund the necessary repairs to the Playing Field and to use the new ‘safety inspectors’, and it was suggested to use the R2 funding and claim back the VAT. Mrs Clark briefly spoke about turning the Playing Field into a Village Green, Mr Wilkinson said that this should be discussed at a later meeting.

67.13 60.13 Training for Councillors / ClerkMrs Wingfield (Parish Clerk) Reported back from other councils, on how they dealt with budgets for training, and that they had training budgets of £500. Alderbury, being one of them, said that training from this amount, if relevant could be used without waiting for Council meetings but after this, funding must be approved by the council.

68.13 61.13 Clerk’s Pay / PAYE Mrs Wingfield is in the process of setting up PAYE.

 69.13 62.13 Parish Council Meeting Dates Mrs Wingfield to organise dates for future meetings every 6 months.

70.13 Bench Was cleaned, Mr Amor has the invoice.

71.13 Footpath 11 has been organised by Nick Cowen, which was done extremely quickly.

72.13 .  20 MPH …Mrs Clark highlighted the need for motorists to slow down in the village (West Grimstead) and that she had been clearing the 30 MPH signs in the village. Mr Britton spoke about the CATG 20 MPH Review, and pointed out that it was simply a ‘Review’ and not an opportunity to apply for 20MPH limits in the parish. He said that the next step to reduce speeding would be to talk to Tom Bray, to organise a ‘Metro-count survey in the village’. Mrs Wingfield to write to Tom Bray and organise a metro-count, and meeting with Steve Hind, also to write to Bob Cream about the clearing of road signs. He highlighted that CATG funding for signage and Road markings was available subject to the results of the ‘Metro-count’ survey. Mr Britton to send details of Mr Nigh.

73.13 WWI Centenary Mrs Clark suggested the idea of a Memorial in West Grimstead for those who lost their lives in WWI. Mr Wilkinson find out more in East Grimstead.

Planning.  None to discuss.

Ideas from Area Board Meeting Mr Wilkinson spoke about different ideas on how communities can work together, for example kissing gates, youth activities, footpath links, intergenerational activities where young and old can swap ideas and better use of village halls. Mr Britton talked about discussions at the Area Board Meeting, in particular Tony Nigh, who spoke about the need for opportunities for young people and was looking for people to work with him. He talked of ‘Village Clusters’ working together, where they are limited geographically – perhaps existing organisations to do something with children/youths, e.g. West Grimstead and Alderbury to work together and East Grimstead and Farley likewise. Mr N. Pope expressed an interest.He also spoke about Parishes working together for the same purposes for example maintenance issues.

Pay:    Mr Wilkinson reported back from the separate meeting whereby agreement was reached for a pay scale for the Parish Clerk.

Any other Business.

1) Mrs Clark pointed out that in the village design statement, fences should not be higher than 2 metres and that fences put up in Chapel Hill looked quite imposing in the village.

2) It was highlighted that traffic coming down Windwhistle Lane, from the A36 was still a problem and cause for concern. Mrs Clark wondered if there could be an option for a sign stating ‘single traffic with no passing places’ put in place. Mrs Wingfield to contact Tom Bray.

 3) It was pointed out that the glass in Greenfields’ notice board was broken. It was suggested to take the door from the notice board in the recreation ground to replace it. All in agreement.

 4) It was pointed out that there was a stream of water running through East Grimstead without an obvious cause. Mr Wilkinson said that Wessex Water board had already been out but did not know its source. It was believed to be ground water. As there was concern over possible damage to the road surface, especially in Winter when it may freeze, it was suggested that Mrs Wingfield should contact Mr Bob Cream about this.

5) Mrs Wingfield gave a very brief description of the ‘neighbourhood plan’ with a basic handout describing the process. To be discussed at future a meeting.

Further comments from the Public, Mrs Pennington the clerk from Whiteparish, commented on the disillusionment of many councillors about any ‘influence’ the parishes may have/have not, in the implementation of the ‘Neighbourhood Plan’.


1) Clerk’s Pay  2) Membership to SLCC/Annual Conference.  3) WALC invoice.

4) Stationary/Expenses.   5) Invoice from Mr Futcher (Playground gates)

6) Invoice for bench – to be paid at next meeting.  7) Invoice for Excel Course.

8) Wessex Community Action.

Correspondence – The following items of Correspondence were received.

      1. NALC
      2. WALC
  1. Neighbourhood news-burglary in Grimstead-broken patio doors-stole jewellery and laptop.
  2. Volunteering Posters

Further Action Required. 

Mr C. Wilkinson :  1) Mr Wilkinson to liaise with George about funding for footpath.             2) Mr Wilkinson to talk to ‘Flower Show’ about raising funds for Defibrillator.        3) Mr Wilkinson to find out more about Memorial (if needed) in East Grimstead.

Mr R. Britton :  1) Richard to talk to Alderbury about clearing the completed footpath.         2) Mr Britton to send details of Mr Nigh.

Mrs M. Wingfield :  1) Mrs Wingfield to contact Insurance to inform them of the footpath once completed.    2) Mrs Wingfield to find out who made the West Dean sign for the Footpath.              3) Mrs Wingfield to speak to Tom about funding a defibrillator.          4) Mrs Wingfield to speak to Wiltshire Council about a ‘Badge’ to allow raising of funds from the public.  5) Mrs Wingfield to write to Balfour Beattie about grass cutting on A36. 6) Mrs Wingfield to also inform Balfour Beattie, (or the Landscape Group) about the ferns on Crockford Green.  7) Mrs Wingfield to find out about hedge trimming in the playing field.  8) Mrs Wingfield to ask Clerk as West Dean about the Recreation Ground Notice Board/Sign.  9) Mrs Wingfield to write to Tom Bray and organise a ‘metro-count’ and meeting with Steve Hind.  10) Mrs Wingfield to write to Bob Cream about the clearing of road signs.   11) Mrs Wingfield to contact Tom Bray about optional signs for Windwhistle Lane.   12) Mrs Wingfield to contact Mr Bob Cream about the surface water in East Grimstead.   13) Mrs Wingfield to find out about grant for WWI Centenary.

Mrs R. Clark.  1) Mrs Clark to obtain clips for net on goal post.

Meeting Closed. 

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