Parish Council Minutes -22/10/2013


Minutes of a Planning Meeting held on Tuesday October 22nd 2013, at East Grimstead Reading Room.

Present: C. Wilkinson, chairman, Mr R. Amor, Mrs R. Clark, Mrs L. Paramor, Mrs C. Marshall and Mr E. Daffern, Mrs Wingfield Clerk to the Parish, together with two members of the public members of the public.

Declarations of Interest: Mr C. Wilkinson, Mrs C. Marshall, Mr R Amor.

Apologies:- Mr. N. Pope

Approval of Last Planning Minutes.

83.13 Planning Application No. 13/04497/FUL

Land at rear of Reading Room – East Grimstead – SP5 3SA. Removal of existing barn and erection of an agricultural barn to house livestock.

The plans of the proposal were available to view. Two immediate neighbours of the proposal raised concerns about the scale and location of the proposed building, as it would back immediately on to Mrs March’s Land. They also raised concerns that it appears to be declared as a replacement for the existing field shelter, but in fact appears to be new building altogether. It was highlighted that it is described as a barn to house livestock, although only four ponies are currently using the land. The neighbours pointed out that it is too high at 19 feet, in the wrong siting, and that there is no other barn of this size in open countryside to compare with, of this size. There were further concerns over the accuracy and proportions of the plans, the livestock plans (no details) and the general orientation of the building.
The Council were puzzled that there was no mention of the ‘head of cattle’ proposed for a barn at 12 by 24 metres, and almost 6 metres high. Questions were raised over the long term plans of the proposal, it’s position and scale, why there should be a Car Park, the height of the building, and the fact that proposal has been made without much thought to the impact on the neighbouring properties. It was deemed extraordinarily large and perversely sited.

The Parish Council recommended Refusal for this proposal, on the grounds of it being too large and not well sited.

84.13 Planning Application No. 13/04200/Ful Lyvers Farm, Liver Lane, East Grimstead SP5 3RX.

Demolition of Dwelling and the erection of a replacement dwelling, (including it’s re-siting) and detached garage with Home Office over, and the demolition of existing Agricultural Buildings.

The Parish Council is aware that the applicant has sought pre-planning advice but is not able to discern what this advice was. The application appeared to the Council to contravene a number of aspects of Policy H30 which states that the replacement dwelling should be closely associated on the site and not significantly larger than the existing building.

The proposed dwelling was deemed to be substantially larger than either the current chalet bungalow or the proposed building that has current permission. There was no scale plan of the current dwelling (I.e. with elevations) but from the councils deliberations it was deduced that the footprint alone was over 100% greater than the footprint of the current building with extensions.

The proposed dwelling is also not associated with the site of the current dwelling and is over 100m from it and would in fact be replacing agricultural buildings. There was real concern that the location of this proposed dwelling, were it to be built, would not preclude retention or further development of the existing dwelling.

It was felt that this new proposal was grandiose and did not fit in with the rural setting and that the applications also identifies possible harm to protected species and the environment, but no ecology report to view.

The Parish Council recommended refusal for this application for the reasons above.

Meeting Closed.

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