Parish Council minutes, 4/12/2012



Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday, 4th December 2012 at West Grimstead Village Hall.

Present: Mr G Bayford, Chairman, presiding, Mrs R Clark, Mr R Amor, Mrs L Paramor and Mr C Wilkinson. There were no members of the public. Apologies were received from Mrs M Sheppard, Mrs S White and Wiltshire Councillor R Britton.


 Declaration of Interest- There were none.

 Public Speaking Time Not applicable

 The Minutes of the meetings held on the 16th October, 29th October and 12th November, having been circulated, were taken as read and signed.



100.12 Water Leaks – Dean Road All leaks have now been repaired.

101.12 Parish Steward The ditch at the bottom of Macs Lane has not been cleared. A JCB has been requested to dig out various other ditches. It was agreed to inspect these from time to time.

 102.12 Footpath to Whaddon This will be put on the CAT Grant List for next year

 103.12 East Grimstead pond Some of the algae has cleared and it is hoped to do more work during the Christmas period.

104.12 Ragwort An email had been received from Adrian Hampton of Wiltshire Council. It stated that Wiltshire Council is continuing to work hard to manage invasive species growing on highway land. The policy of ragwort removal has been successful in many locations and techniques have improved. The maintenance team regard the removal of such plants as an integral part of managing the large rural network. However if was noted that the highway Agency are responsible for many areas in the south of the country, regrettably these roads to not come under Mr Hampton’s control!!

 105.12 Bus Shelters Tom Bray of the Area Board has spoken to the chairman and this item will also be on the CAT Grant list for next year. In the first instance, we need to know whether in fact a shelter can be erected as there is little point in getting quotations if such a shelter is not feasible. The clerk to write to Tom Bray regarding this.

 106.12 Dog Fouling Notices have been put up by Tinkers Rest in West Grimstead and Gays Drove in East Grimstead but it was reported that dogs are still fouling the pavements.

 107.12 Dead Branches Longford Estate has been contacted and a visiting forester will have a look at the trees and advise us again.

 108.12 Planning The following application was before the Council.

 S/2012/1580 –Demolition of existing garage and erect new double garage and studio over – Yew Tree Cottage, West Grimstead Although the Parish Council had no objections to this application, concern was shown over the parking of the cars, one of which is often parked on the green opposite. The clerk to mention this when writing to the Planning Authority.

The Old Chapel – Councillors expressed concern that the drain has not been built at the front of the car parking space. The clerk to check with the Enforcement Officer.

 Brookmead Although new plans have been produced, councillors were still not happy and would like this to go before the Committee. The clerk to write to Councillor Britton.

 109.12 Correspondence.

RoSPA Report This has been received and there are no major items which require attention. The clerk to speak to the clerk of Pitton/Farley parish Council in respect of the surfacing at Farley Playing Area.


Broadband Speeds Letter received from a resident in West Tytherley asking if people in our parishes would be prepared to pay into a scheme whereby much faster broadband speeds would be available. However the cost would be £100 for a connection fee and £37 per month thereafter. Councillors felt this was rather high.

 110.12 Accounts The following account were passed for payment

 Rospa Inspection Fee £93.60

West Grimstead Village Hall (hire) £30.75


Budget This to be put on the Agenda for the next meeting when the precept will be discussed.

 111.12 Any Other Business

 Drain The drain near the gateway to the field by horsepond is blocked.

 Windwhistle Junction The clerk to write for an update as we have not hear anything for a long time

 Speed Check – Crockford Road The clerk to write and request that this be carried out

 Fly-tipping There is now rubbish dumped by the entrance to the old chalk pit and also two loads of hedge trimmings have been dumped in Windwhistle Lane. Wiltshire Council to be informed


Grasscutting The clerk to write to English Landscapes enquiring why the greens have suddenly been cut. The contract should have finished in September


 112.12 Next Meeting – 15th January 2013 at East Grimstead Village Hall



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