1st Alderbury Girl Guides and Scout groups.

Ist Alderbury Girl Guides. Centenary 1911-2011.….

1st Alderbury Guides and Scouts include those from the Parishes of Alderbury, West Grimstead,  East Grimstead and Farley.

…. Girl Guiding celebrated 100yrs in 2010 and in 2011…the 1st Alderbury Girl Guides celebrated 100yrs of their unit…making them one of the oldest group in Wiltshire. Quite a milestone!

We are The Champions 2010It’s a Knockout at Longleat…We are the Champions..!     2010.

Please take a look at their website:- http://www.alderburygirlguides.org.uk

We also have a thriving Brownie and Rainbow section and a Beaver, Cub scouts and Scout group, all meeting in Alderbury.

Rainbows /Brownies meet- Monday 5-6.15pm at Alderbury Guide Hut. (5-7, 7-10yrs) Contact email rainbowsalder@gmail.com

Guides Meet – Wednesday evening 6-7.30pm (10yrs-14yrs) at Guide Hut, Junction Road. Alderbury. Contact- suspended for the moment.

Explorer Scouts meet Mondays 7-9 pm in Alderbury Village Hall. (14-17yrs) Contact Adrian Baker 01722 711714 email acbaker@live.co.uk….

Beavers meet- Fridays 5.30-6.30pm in Alderbury Village Hall. (5-7yrs) email alderburybeavers@talktalk.net

Cub scouts meet Fridays- 6.15pm-8.15pm in Alderbury Village Hall. (7-10yrs)

Scouts meet Mondays 7.15 -8.45pm in Alderbury School (10-14yrs) -contact 01722 710358