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This Page is for YOUR OLD PHOTOS  

Please send in any old photos of School, Fete, Concerts, Tea parties, Street parties, in fact any photos of events over the years  showing life in West Grimstead Village. ….

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West Grimstead School Photograph – Circa 1934

Photo sent to us from Peter Elliot with his Father Ron Elliot, tallest in middle second row from the back.. Back Row:   Mrs Shepherd ( Infant Teacher), Miss Parsons (Headmistress), Joyce Tompkins, Kath Harwood, Eleanor Gilbert, Dolcie Newman, Dora Isaacs, Rev. Miles, Flo Dabney, Edna Light, Joyce Ling, Mary Newman, Mrs Miles (Rector’s wife).

2nd Row :    Eric Gilbert, Peter Tubb, Eric Fletcher, Keith Hazelton, Arthur Newman, Ron Elliott, Ron Lane, Tony Gilbert, George Ling, Ken Earley, Maurice Hazelton.

3rd Row:   Peggy Cox, Betty Shepherd, Dolly Ling, Iris Shepherd, Phyllis Light, Alma Curtis and sister (Pearl?).

4th Row:   Bobby Ling, Norman Newell, Robin Curtis, Tom Harwood, Leslie Ethridge, Bob Earley, David Beauchamp.

Bottom Row: Peter Newell. Dick Ethridge, Jimmy Ling, Norman Curtis.



Roll no. Name DOB Started Left Comment

400 Dorothy Ling 08/10/1930 23/12/1938

401 Sheila Ling 13/10/1930 31/07/1931

402 Nelson Coles 02/03/1931 24/12/1932

403 William Coles 02/03/1931 24/12/1932

404 Peggy Cox 13/04/1931 22/12/1940

405 Robert Earley 07/09/1931 27/11/1931

406 Doris Jones 07/09/1931 31/08/1940

407 Leslie Etheridge 26/10/1931 31/07/1941

408 Jacqueline Crichton 09/11/1931 27/11/1931

409 William Newell 11/01/1932 31/07/1939 To Bishop Wordsworth

410 James Ling 11/01/1932 31/07/1939 To Alderbury

411 Phyllis Simper 18/01/1932 21/12/1932 from Egypt

412 Phyllis Light 06/04/1932 30/07/1938

413 Betty Shepherd 06/04/1932 04/04/1941

414 Tom Harwood 18/04/1932 30/07/1938

415 Robin Curtis 25/04/1932 28/09/1937

416 Winifred Betteridge 01/06/1932 03/03/1933

417 Ronald Elliott 04/04/1921- 12/09/1932 17/04/1935

418 May Dicks 12/09/1932 21/10/1932 Returned to Coombe Bissett

419 Lily Dicks 12/09/1932 21/10/1932 Returned to Coombe Bissett

420 Florence Dabney 11/01/1933 ?/4/34

421 David Beauchamp 24/04/1933 31/07/1939 To Bishop Wordsworth

422 Robert Ling 25/04/1933 31/07/1939

423 Margaret Earney 19/02/1934 03/05/1940 To Alderbury

424 Denis Grant 10/05/1934 ?/11/34

425 Eric Grant 10/05/1934 ?/11/34

426 Muriel Fry 24/05/1934 30/07/1943

427 John Mitchell 24/05/1934 ?/4/35

428 Sidney Mitchell 24/05/1934 23/12/1938

429 Peter Newell 10/09/1934 15/08/1941 To St Thomas’

430 Margaret Bundy 10/09/1934 15/08/1941

431 Pearl Curtis 10/09/1934 ?/4/36

432 Mary Wall 30/04/1935 ?/5/35

433 Kathleen Ling 09/09/1935 31/07/1939 To Alderbury

Submitted by Peter Elliot Ex Villager.……

Ladies Football match-1968.

Football match between Alderbury Spitfires and West Grimstead Night Birds in August 1968 at West Grimstead.

Can you name the players ?. Football Match 1968Top Row:  1st from right….?, 2nd from right is thought to be Terresa Terry, 3rd from right is Jean George.
(Thank you Stephen George for giving us some names)

Bottom Row:- I think I spy a Bayford ? 3rd from right , next Joselyn Kirby? Can anyone else add some names.
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1955 January.

According to Peter Elliott, who lived in the village from 1948 to 1964, this was a school Pantomime “Jack and The Beanstalk” held in the Village Hall and took place on 28th January 1955.WGVH Play(Click on the photos to enlarge them for a clearer view.)……

 Back row.
Rosemary Beauchamp, unknown lady, Ann Moreton (with glasses), Kathy Cox (feather in hat), John Coffin (in Giant mask) Wendy Cozens (holding wand), Eric Macey, Silvia Witt (in hat behind wand), Mary Wyatt (hair band and wand), Barbara Coffin, Jacqueline Cozens (in white hat on right) Carol Stroud (hair band and wand), Roger Hickman (in hat with feather), Peter Elliott, Linda Oliver, David Palmer (in chicken costume), Jennifer Taylor (behind and to right of chicken), Jocelyn Kirby (on the right)

Front row.

Richard Hartford, Richard Gledhill (sons of J. S. Gledhill, headmaster at the time), unknown girl in hat, Gillian Beauchamp (bottom right).

 WGS - Jack and the Beanstalk West Grimstead School Pantomime “Jack and the Beanstalk”.

  From left to right:

Back row: John Coffin as Giant, Barbara Coffin, Eric Macey, Sylvia Witt, Wendy Cozens, Ann Moreton, Kathy Cox, Pauline Cox.

 Middle row: Roger Hickman (just in picture), Jennifer Taylor (in hat with dark band), Jacqueline Cozens (in white hat), Jocelyn Kirby, Linda Oliver, Rosemary Beauchamp, Mary Wyatt.

Front row:Carol Stroud, Alan (Danny) Williams, David Palmer (chicken), Peter Elliott, Gillian Beauchamp, Richard Hartford, Richard Gledhill.

Front of stage: Saucebox the Alsatian, Geoffrey Lush as the front half of the cow (the back half was David Palmer who also played the chicken and is in the picture as this character). 

Chapel outing….

Chapel Outing.   Around the summer of 1933 ?

(Click on the photos to enlarge them for a clearer view.)



The last photograph taken of pupils and Staff before the old West Grimstead school closed in December 1992.

Alderbury and West Grimstead School -2012 Regal Day.

If you have any information about these Photos or if you have any Photos you would like to share with us, please email us on webeditor@westgrimsteadvillagehall.co.uk, Thank you.