Missing Cat

Can I please ask for assistance, as my cat has now been missing for 36 hrs – since she went out yesterday morning, having not eaten her breakfast.  This is uncharacteristic.  She has generally become less adventurous in recent months, as something appears to have given her a fear of open spaces – fox, badger, or red kite? 

She is quite a small cat with distinct Bengal markings, but has a noticeably short tail.  She is very athletic and climbs trees and roofs; she is neutered and chipped.  We have looked in this immediate corner of the village/Macks Lane, and I went further afield this morning, but without any success.  Could I please ask you to keep your eyes open for her, to check your gardens and outbuildings and keep an eye on hedges/verges, if you go for a walk.  She could be very hungry by now, but is nervous of strangers.  I am becoming increasingly concerned that she is injured and unable to get home, or is shut in somewhere.    Any sightings/ideas, please could you call me: Tel 01722 710326, or WhatsApp on 07771691397

Many thanks, Louise du Boulay

Crossways House